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Learn the most powerful way to incorporate ancient wisdom and modern science together with frequency medicine, into your practice.


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I’ll show you how to work with yourself and your clients at a deeper more profound level using Ancient Egyptian healing techniques and frequency medicine to tap into the nano-subtle energetic template of the body and the unique resonance of the person for the most profound healing possible.

Prepare to learn the most powerful way to incorporate ancient wisdom and modern science together with frequency medicine, into your practice.

Marcus Bird

Founder of the Australian College of Energetic Medicine and Wellness Leadership Academy

Amplify your intuitive abilities by connecting into a deeper part of your energetic system

Ground and re-stabilise your client’s frequency so that they can step fully into who they are

Work with the quantum fields, resonance fields and human energy fields

Understand the impact of our energetic ‘template’ on our mental, physical and emotional bodies

Give your clients an experience so profound and unexplainable that they can’t help but refer their network to you

Work with multi-dimensional healing techniques, tapping into ancient Egyptian healing meridians, 13 chakras and sacred geometry

Supercharge Your Healing Abilities

Awaken, Align, Activate

Watch on demand

Lifetime access

Only $27



What Others Are Saying

I’ve been able to handle situations that have come up because I’m so stable. And everyone keeps going, ‘You're so different.’ And I'm so grateful at how much this has changed my everyday, my physical, my mental, my emotional, just everything. I’m just so stable. And I’m really grateful and honored to share this out with the world…. I can see amazing, incredible value with this.

One is the depth of understanding that is coming through learning this. And just practicing it, and just noticing how naturally it’s all sinking in is nice. It just feels natural. And as others have said, the group is great. And I also like the specificity of it, just being able to really hone in.

One thing that stands out is being amongst like-minded souls. It’s just nice ot actually feel a sense of normalcy. It’s like ‘Oh yeah, you’re speaking my language.’ And I think it’s adding another layer to the stuff that I’m already doing in that energetic realm.

I like it all. It’s a higher level; I was always looking for something higher level. This is probably the highest level I’ve ever experienced by a long shot.

How Dimensional Therapy Works

This is a dimensional approach to healing, utilising ancient Egyptian healing and modern quantum techniques to stabilise the person in space and time. A stablised human is one that is able to step into their full potential, tap into the infinite possibilities and create the life and business of their dreams.


The system has us follow the align, assess, and activate model of healing where we tap into the Quantum Field together with the unique Resonance Field of the person to align to the greater universal knowledge and wisdom of the person. We assess the nano-subtle energetic template for areas of destabilisation (blocks, sabotage, illness, sickness, damage) by aligning to the individual's unique resonance field. Through the restabilisation of the 13 Chakra System, the Egyptian meridians (pathways and strings), the pyramid centres, sacred geometry, family lineage, parallel lives and external influences, the person is brought back into alignment with their true self. This creates more profound healing, the ability to manifest abundance and live the life of their dreams.


We teach you how to tap into the Quantum Field using intuitive techniques together with energetic muscle (skin resonance) testing to be able to identify these de-stabilisations. We then discuss the Dimensional Psychology to help the client to understand what is truly going on for them. Using Dimension Psychology together with Dimensional Physiology and Dimensional Physics we dive deeply into the truth of the person to uncover what is ‘really’ going on, so they can awaken the fullness of who they are.

Working with the Egyptian Meridian System, Egyptian 13 Chakra System and the ancient healing technique called the Aboukra, clients are taken through a process of Alignment, Assessment and Activation to step fully into who they are. This leads to profound healing, manifestations and creating success in all aspects of their lives.

We walk with you every step of the way. We are building a community of light workers able to support and help in the transition. Right now it is important that we connect, collaborate and co-create the next great reality for us all. Our program is a gift from afar and near.

About Our Three Hour Workshop

At this special online workshop for wellness practitioners, you will learn a new framework for healing clients on a deeper ‘nano-subtle’ energetic level, using quantum healing techniques

We will lead you through 3 profound exercises to help you:

Align and awaken you to deepen your intuitive abilities, using a process called 'Quantum Field Dynamics'

Assess clients at a deeper, more profound level than ever before, using a process called 'Resonance Sensing'

Activate your clients and yourself to a whole other level of health, wealth and happiness using a process called 'Pyramid Activation'

Here’s just some of the specialised knowledge you will takeaway from this on demand workshop:

About Marcus Bird

After following a corporate career for many years Marcus realised that this was not his calling, that there was something more for him. Marcus gave himself Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and had to leave the corporate world. This is when it happened!

Marcus’s journey to recovery lead to many amazing and fantastic discoveries and awakenings. He received gifts of knowledge and wisdom, from far-off places and ancient mystery schools. Marcus’s journey took him on an 18-month odyssey to connect with and uncover the truth about each other, the planet and the universe.

This led Marcus to train as a Kinesiologist, Counsellor and Coach and start a College called the Australian College of Energetic Medicine. Here Marcus taught the Dimensional Therapy tools, techniques, wisdom and teachings to students over a 5 year period. After closing this College for many reasons Marcus sat and allowed the world to catch up to the energy. In truth Marcus allowed himself to catch up to the energy.

This catch-up led Marcus to develop a multi-million dollar wellness business, Wellness Leadership Academy, a global education business helping wellness professionals to share more of their magic.

Recently the call became too strong for Marcus to ignore and the reactivation of the dimensional information came back. This has now led to the recreation of the work, to train and guide the raising of consciousness on the planet. To gather like-minded souls to remember the healing arts and once again share this magic with a world desperate to embrace the truth.

So join us in remembering what you already know. An awakening of your true healing gifts. Allowing you to now bring your truth to the world and share your magic and you bring forth your deeper knowing.


There is nothing you need to prepare, however accessing and practicing the Pyramid Meditations would be helpful and allow you to get the most out of the workshop. Click here to find out more about the Pyramid Meditation bonus series and start practicing today. Also make sure you have water and food to sustain you through the workshop and clear any commitments that might distract you as best you can.

You are more than welcome to share this signup page with others, the more that receive this information the faster we will all transition into the next dimension of reality and heal.

This modality is unique on the planet and was gifted and researched by Marcus Bird over the last 30 years. It is different because it works with the most subtle energetic system on the planet, the nano-subtle energetic template. Accessing ancient Egyptian healing techniques including the Aboukra Energetics, the 13 Egyptian Chakras and the Egyptian Meridian System as well as lots more, you are activated to a deeper, more profound healing.

This workshop is ideal for wellness practitioners, healers, energy workers and any therapist wanting to get better results by working in a deeper more profound way.

Absolutely. If you’re just getting established or are primarily interested in working on your own healing, this workshop will show you how to tap into a deeper part of yourself so that you can uncover the blocks and de-stabilised patterns affecting your health and wellbeing and your abundance. Through the techniques and exercises you will be awakened and activated into a new reality of subtle energetic healing.

After you sign up, you’ll receive a welcome email with access to the on demand workshop. If you don’t receive any email correspondence from us, and there’s nothing in your spam folder, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll take care of you.

You Will Be Activated Awakened Transformed

Are you being called right now to take your place in the grand transformation, transition, and evolution of the planet?

Are you hearing the calling to help and support people to raise their consciousness, awaken and step into their full potential?

This is the most extraordinary time on the planet,

a time that the ancients and first nations people have spoken about. This is a time where we need you to step up and take your place. This information has been gifted to us to help stabilise people and the planet as we make this epic transition and this is your calling to join us.

This methodology has been practiced for thousands of years. It was hidden by the gate keepers until this moment. It accesses deep dimensional portals to open up profound healing and transformation. Stabilising people in time and space as the planet changes frequency and goes through a destabilised shift into the next dimension and frequency of reality.

It is what you have been waiting for. ​

It is what we have all been waiting for.

And now is your time to step forward, hear the calling and take your place to support in this shift.

Supercharge Your Healing Abilities

Awaken, Align, Activate

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