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In this meditation series Marcus steps you through the power of the Pyramid Meditation for both healing and manifestation. Learn the secrets of the pyramids and how you can use them in daily life. Accessing a deeper, more profound energy, healing system and attraction capability.

The Pyramid Meditation takes you on a journey to find and create your own pyramid center where you can stabilize yourself, center and align yourself for a more calm and relaxed life.

The Pyramid Meditation series will help you to connect with the power of the pyramid work as you journey through the process of pyramid activation. It is a powerful center for healing and stabilizing yourself in time and space.

Each meditation GUIDES you through the following:

Introduction to your Pyramid

In this guided meditation you are journeyed to find your Pyramid then enter the Pyramid and learn the alignment process.

Healing Pyramid
Meditation 1

In this guided meditation you enter into your Pyramid and learn to use its healing powers as you access the infinite healing light from the universe amplified through the crystal capstone. Learn how to amplify the healing energies into various areas of the physical form.

Healing Pyramid
Meditation 2

In this guided meditation you once again return to your Pyramid and learn to amplify its healing powers as you learn how to locate and spin your pyramid centers, the geometry at the heart of the Nano-Subtle Energetic Template of the body. These centres activate your own unique healing powers and the innate powers of wellness stored within the coding of the body.

Manifestation Pyramid Meditation 1

In this guided meditation you learn how to journey to your Pyramid and activate your internal attractor field generators to create a gravitational field around your body. This gravitational field allows you to activate and amplify the dreams and desires of your conscious reality. The attractor field generators are powerful manifestation and attraction mechanisms that will unlock your attraction capability and empower you to manifest quicker and easier.

Manifestation Pyramid Meditation 2

In this guided meditation you will learn how to amplify the attractor field generators to become more focussed and specific about what you desire. This amplification will allow access to faster and easier manifestation of dreams and desires into your world.

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Marcus has been sharing and teaching the Pyramid Meditation process for the last 20 years and participants have seen profound results both in healing and the ability to manifest their dreams and desires with ease and grace.

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