Supercharge Activator Program

Empowering you to heal yourself, family and friends

What if I told you that infinite healing and abundance was possible?

Supercharge Activator Program is for you if you want to:

Learn how to profoundly heal yourself

Learn how to connect at a deeper level

Learn the ancient Egyptian healing technique

Learn to work deeper with the energy of the quantum

What you will receive

In this training, I’ll show you how to stabilise yourself, family or friends so that you can become healthier, happier and more abundant.

You’ll learn how to get to a deeper and more profound level of healing using a Dimensional Energetic System and Process.

You’ll also learn Ancient Egyptian and Quantum Healing techniques to tap into the nano-subtle energetic template of the body and the unique resonance for the most profound healing possible:

I was always looking for something higher level.
This is probably the highest level I've ever experienced by a long shot.”


Join the Supercharge Activator Program

Learn to profoundly heal yourself, family and friends by working deeply with the energy of the quantum

A profound healing system that will amplify your awakening and healing

This program will provide you with a deep understanding of the Activation process that you can use on yourself to help you to navigate the infinite potential of your soul.

Learn how stabilising the human form in space and time leads to a happier, healthier and more abundant life.

Part 1

Introduction to working with the Dimensional System & Quantum Fields

Part 2

Learn to work with the Nano-Subtle Energetic System of the body

Part 3

Learn to work with the Pyramid Centres to stabilise you in space and time

Part 4

Learn to work with the Egyptian Meridian System, Strings and Connection Points

Part 5

Learn to work with the Egyptian 13 Chakra System

Part 6

Learn how to apply the Quick Fix System to stabilise and heal

Join the Supercharge Activator Program

Learn to profoundly heal yourself, family and friends by working deeply with the energy of the quantum

“I've been able to handle situations that have come up because I'm so stable. And everyone keeps going, 'You're so different'... And I'm so grateful at how much this has changed my everyday, my physical, my mental, my emotional, just everything. I'm just so stable. And I'm really grateful and honoured to share this out with the world... I can see amazing, incredible value with this.”


About Marcus

After following a corporate career for many years Marcus realised that this was not his calling, that there was something more for him. Marcus gave himself Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and had to leave the corporate world. This is when it happened!

Marcus’s journey to recovery lead to many amazing and fantastic discoveries and awakenings. He received gifts of knowledge and wisdom, from far-off places and ancient mystery schools. Marcus’s journey took him on an 18-month odyssey to connect with and uncover the truth about each other, the planet and the universe.

This led Marcus to train as a Kinesiologist, Counsellor and Coach and start a College called the Australian College of Energetic Medicine. Here Marcus taught the Dimensional Therapy tools, techniques, wisdom and teachings to students over a 5 year period. After closing this College for many reasons Marcus sat and allowed the world to catch up to the energy. In truth Marcus allowed himself to catch up to the energy.

This catch-up led Marcus to develop a multi-million dollar wellness business, Wellness Leadership Academy, a global education business helping wellness professionals to share more of their magic.

Recently the call became too strong for Marcus to ignore and the reactivation of the dimensional information came back. This has now led to the recreation of the work, to train and guide the raising of consciousness on the planet. To gather like-minded souls to remember the healing arts and once again share this magic with a world desperate to embrace the truth.

So join us in remembering what you already know. An awakening of your true healing gifts. Allowing you to now bring your truth to the world and share your magic and you bring forth your deeper knowing.

You will become connected, clear and activated

If you have felt into the energy, are being called and want to contribute to yourself, your family and the planet, then this might be what you’re looking for. If you don’t want to commit to a 6 month or year long course, then this program is ideal. As you work through the modules you will awaken to the profound nature of this Dimensional Healing System. work at your own pace and know that this is the first step into becoming an Activator Healer-Coach and helping the world.


Simple. This is the most powerful healing information on the planet. It is ideal for those just starting out and those that are qualified in other modalities. It will seamlessly fit into any other methodologies or modalities that you have. Other courses will teach you how to heal and coach people whereas this course will show you how to tap into the Quantum Field, expand your intuitive abilities and work with Ancient Egyptian Healing Systems blended with modern science to get deeper more profound healing and coaching results. This program has been developed and taught for over 25 years. We have seen the increase in dimensional illnesses and issues, and this is the only course in the world that deals with the most complex of issues.

This methodology has been designed for you to use it exclusively online or in a clinic environment. It’s important that we reach as many people as possible and fast as possible. Working in the Quantum allows us to connect with and positively effect and restabilise people regardless of where they reside be it next door or across the globe. The program has been proven with client after client who get amazing results and success. It’s time for you to be a part of this revolutionary program.
This program is designed to support you to create the life of your dreams, fully empowered and well. It will show you how to access a deeper part of you so you can heal yourself, your friends, and your family. Activating your attractor field generators to allow you to create and manifest with ease and grace regardless of being a professional lightworker, healer or coach. Right now is the time to access this profound healing and manifestation tool. Right now the planet needs more people to step into the fullness of who they are, receive the remembering of this ancient healing and manifestation tool and activate full potential to change the trajectory of our planet.
At the end of the training, you will still very much be part of the movement we are creating to grow the consciousness of the planet. All graduates will have a profile on our web site so that they can receive referrals and new clients. They will always have a place in our movement. This includes discounts to any new future events, retreats, and conferences we plan to run around the world.

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