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Marcus Bird

My Journey

After following a corporate career for many years I realised that this was not my calling, that there was something more for me. This is when it happened! I gave myself Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and had to leave the corporate world.

My journey to recovery lead to many amazing and fantastic discoveries and awakenings. I received gifts of knowledge and wisdom, from far off places and ancient mystery schools. My journey took me on an 18 month odesy to connect with and uncover the truth about each other, the planet and the universe.

This lead me to train as a Kinesiologist, Counsellor and Coach and start a Collage called the Australian Collage of Energetic Medicine. Here I taught the Dimensional Therapy tools and techniques, wisdom and teachings to students over a 5 year period. After closing this for many reasons I sat and allowed the world to catch up to the energy. In truth I allowed myself to catch up to the energy.

This catch up lead me to develop a multi-million dollar wellness business, Wellness Leadership Academy, a global education business helping wellness professionals to share more of their magic.Recently the call became too strong for me to ignore and the reactivation of the dimensional information came back. This has now led to the recreation of the work, to train and guide the raising of consciousness on the planet. To gather like minded souls to remember the healing arts and once again share this magic with a world desperate to embrace the truth.

So join us on a remembering of what you already know. An awakening of your true healing gifts. Allowing you to now bring your truth to the world and share your magic and you bring fourth your deeper knowing

Amazing Client Results

"What a wonderful experience it was to receive a complementary healing session from Marcus Bird at the Light Workers Lunch .

I have a very open mind to try new and different forms of healing but I wasn’t quite in tune with what was to be my outcome. At the end of a short session where by Marcus demonstrated his method of healing I was absolutely amazed with the disappearance of a 9.5mm lump on the base of my Achilles. It had been growing gradually over 6 months and was very sore to touch.

During the Healing session I felt a perfect calmness and then a sensation that all the negative energy was being drawn out and away from my body!!

After the Healing I spent 10 mins trying to find the sore lump on the back of my ankle……I couldn’t find it!

It was an amazing experience."


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