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We don’t just make claims, we get results fast.

In fact, did you know that the findings from our 20 minute Assessment Healing Sessions are simply incredible?

92% of clients and participants who experienced an Activation Assessment Healing Sessions FELT a positive within just 7 days (on average within 2.6 days) and 100% people wanted a follow up session.

Our Certified Dimensional Activators will help you awaken your highest consciousness state, align with your deeper truth and empower you to live a healthier, fuller and happier life.

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Regina Altamirano

Regina is a dedicated energy practitioner with 27+ years of experience, who guides clients towards balance, inner peace, and empowerment using tailored modalities and intuitive insights.

Christine Baker

Christine is a dimensional healing facilitator who empowers clients to embody their true selves through intuitive integration of modalities, promoting alignment, health, and expanded self-expression.

Claire Chitty

As a soul traveller and guide, Claire empowers clients through energy healing, coaching, and deep transformation to lead a fulfilling life.

Sally Estlin

Sally is a Melbourne-based Holistic Fitness specialist with 25+ years of experience, who guides clients to break barriers and live purposefully through a blend of tools and energy healing.

Jessica Goh

Jessica, a qualified homeopath and dimensional therapist, guides holistic healing through vibrational medicine. Empowering others, she detoxes and transforms for higher consciousness.

Dr. Karen Kan

Dr. Karen Kan, a medical doctor and Doctor of Light Medicine, empowers Sensitive Souls to heal, embrace gifts, and fulfil their Soul’s Mission.

Jenny Lethbridge

Jenny is a healer and wayshower, energising seekers to reclaim their sovereignty and authentic selves with transformative guidance in these challenging times.

Kim Parker

Kim is a Spiritual Healing Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, and Lifestyle Coach who helps clients uncover health truths and achieve profound transformations through her spiritual gifts

Emily Pettigrew

As a Self-Mastery Coach, Emily empowers clients through awareness, authenticity, and healing, guiding women to connect deeply and shine their inner light.

Alyson Williams

Alyson is a Transformation Coach fusing expertise in empowerment, NLP, hypnotherapy, and intuitive Activator Healing to guide lasting change, co-creating joyful, fulfilling lives.

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