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Sally Estlin
Actvator – Australia
Sally Estlin is a Holistically Fit specialist based in Melbourne. She has over 25 years experience in helping people Let Go, Step Up and Be More of themselves to live a more aligned and purposeful life. She helps people breakthrough their barriers so they can create a brilliant life. The type of clients Sally really loves to help are those who have been doing work on themselves, want something more and are searching for something deeper to help themselves. When working with her clients, Sally incorporates a myriad of tools and techniques acquired over the years of research and learnings. Her services range from personal training, to hands on healing through to online coaching and remote energy work. In recent years the area of energy healing has become more of a focus. Working with the activator program has provided an opportunity to go “deeper, quicker” with clients to identify what’s throwing them out of alignment and then correct and stabilise them in time space utilising the dimensional (quantum) realm. Sally is a firm believer that the time is NOW for the integration of alternative medicine and energy healing as part of our daily lives. She believes it’s the most pure and natural way to heal and transform lives. Sally is guided by her intuition and follows the energy in all areas of her life. Sally has published a 30 day Wellness Mindset Journal and is a “Bling Angel” providing intuitive card readings to gain greater clarity, insight and direction around questions in life.

She is also a cohost on an international networking group Happy Neighbourhood Project (HNP), hosts a podcast called Magic Mic Moments and recently has started her own show, “Your Holistically Fit Life” on the Natural TV Channel broadcast on RokuTV and e360tv.

Life’s too short to live an average one when you can step up and have an awesome one!

kim Parker
Actvator – Australia
My name is Kim Parker and I am a soul-led Lifestyle Health and Wellbeing Coach and High Frequency Activator. Helping my clients discover the root causes of their health concerns and empowering them with information, tools and resources; together with accountability and support, to help them heal, is what I am passionate about.

As a medical intuitive, truth seeker, change agent and divine translator of new information, walking down the unbeaten track on my quest to find solutions is where I love to be. Helping my clients take ownership of their wellbeing and experience quantum leaps in their healing journey, physically, spiritually and dimensionally, completely lights me up.

My 30 plus years of study and research of root causes of illness, auto-immune diseases and our immune systems, nutrition, supplementation and detoxification, combined with my deep personal experience, helps facilitate extraordinary and sustainable transformation in my clients’ health and wellbeing, and ultimately their ability to tap into their innate self-healing ability.

Claire Chitty
Actvator – Australia
Claire Chitty has over 25 years’ experience in Healing. Qualified in Metaphysical Kinesiology, Spiritual Healing, Relaxation Massage, and Health and Nutrition, Claire incorporates Multi-Dimensional Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Crystals, Aura Soma, Crystal Singing Bowls, Homeopathic vials and other modalities into her practice. Claire also uses Oracle Cards, Elemental Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing as part of her diverse business.

Claire connects with her Pleiadian guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Angels, and describes Multi-Dimensional Healing as ‘Reiki on steroids.’

To receive maximum benefit with incredibly powerful results, the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and dimensional aspects of oneself are activated, and rebalanced. Energetically and mentally, clients are empowered to release trauma, sabotage patterns and subconscious blocks from this life and past lives within a safe and non-invasive environment. Claire also removes lost souls / entities that are bound in the etheric and astral planes, reconnecting clients back to Source and pure Love. Claire has conducted workshops and healing meditation classes for children and adults to reactivate the body’s healing energy system on all levels of dis-ease.

If you are feeling fatigued, stressed or simply not yourself, make the commitment and invest in your Health and Healing.

Grow, Participate and Evolve.
Karen Kan
Actvator – Australia
Website: www.KarenKan.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DrKarenKan
Light Medicine Community
www.karenkan.com/community Telegram: https://t.me/lightmedicine
MeWe: https://mewe.com/p/karenkanllc
Instagram: www.instagram.com/DrKarenKan/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/KarenKanMD
Dr. Karen Kan is a medical doctor and Doctor of Light Medicine. As a #1 bestselling author and founder of the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method, her mission is to help Sensitive Souls heal themselves, harness their gifts as a superpower, and express their Soul’s Mission. What she is really passionate about, is empowering sensitive souls like Earth Angels, Indigos, Starseeds, and Empaths to shine their light so that together, we can pull the world out of Darkness.

Through her Academy of Light Medicine, Dr. Karen teaches students her 3-step TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method (TKH) which involves aligning with the highest Source of information, asking quality healing questions through Divine Muscle Testing™, and then activating specific healing frequencies to do the clearing and healing.

Like a spiritual detective, Dr. Karen can discern, in detail, the foundational reasons for a person’s symptoms. With expert mentoring, Dr. Karen empowers her students to get precise Divine answers and teaches them how to activate Divine energies for self-healing.

Dr. Karen says, “Working with me is like learning how to be tapped into a spiritual supercomputer. I am sort of like Yoda® from Star Wars®, training you to be a Jedi® Master in your own healing”.

Dr. Karen’s Academy of Light Medicine offers multiple self-healing programs and two levels of training in the TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method; Level 1 for self-healing and Level 2 for Practitioner Certification.

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