Ahmed Huang

Embark on a transformative journey with Ahmed Huang, a certified Body Code/Belief Code Practitioner, Master Facilitator of PSYCH-K, and Level 2 Graduate of Dimensional Healer and Activator Coach. As an energy healing subconscious expert, I specialize in guiding individuals through profound inner journeys, blending compassionate care with intuitive healing.

My proven success spans a diverse clientele, from children grappling with ADHD and autism to adults facing chronic illnesses, anxiety, and weight loss challenges. I’ve navigated complex conditions like phobias, depression, postpartum depression, and the intricacies of relationships with a narcissistic partner or abusive parents.

Demographically, I connect with a broad spectrum, offering support to pregnant women, parents seeking assistance for their children, and adults in various life stages. Sessions are accessible globally through Zoom calls or remote channels.

I resonate deeply with sensitive souls who have explored diverse healing modalities, from Western medicine to alternative approaches, seeking a holistic solution. Grounded in the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, my approach empowers you to unlock innate healing potential and embrace inner wisdom.

Bringing extensive experience to each session, I am an energy healing subconscious expert and Healer Activator Coach. Through powerful energy healing, and mindfulness practices, I create a nurturing space for releasing emotional, mental, spiritual and physical blockages, stabilizing in time and space to achieve total homeostasis, bliss and wellbeing. 

What you are waiting for? Join me in co-creating a more harmonious, fulfilling life through a soulful journey of self-discovery and healing.

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