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This is the Life Re-Cognition & Quantum Energy Matrix

Learn the power of the Egyptian Meridian system to transform childhood and past life attachments. Accessing the Quantum Energy Matrix to clear the way to realign to the true you.

Dimensional Anatomy & Aboukra Energetics

Learn about the Nano-Subtle Energetic Template of the body and how to access, asses and align frequencies using the Aboukra Energetic System.

Your Magic Activation

Learn how to connect with and channel through your unique healing magic. Receive the wisdom , knowledge and healing techniques specifically for you.

Free Energy Fields & Tags

Learn to work with energies outside of yourself and clear any interference with your mission. Here you will also learn how to remove tag's that shut clients down from expressing their fullness.

Sacred Geometry & Quantum Physics

Learn the ancient sacred geometry healing techniques to realign the body and energy system.

DNA Timeline

Learn how to activate the DNA timeline to heal the past and activate an abundant future.

Chakra Matrix & Alignment

Learn to work with the 13 Egyptian Chakras to transform the dimensional octave of reality.

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