Christine Baker

I am a facilitator of dimensional healing, creative expression, and intuitive expansion.

My mission is to empower others to be the best version of themselves so they can step powerfully into who they are here to BE and what they are here to DO. I creatively and intuitively integrate a variety of modalities to facilitate this experience. Through the process, clients will become more stable and aligned with the truest version of themselves. The more stable and aligned, the healthier and happier they become. The healthier and happier, the more full and expansive their expression of “self” becomes!

Embracing Expressions is about just that. The expression of self is embracing oneself. The more you embrace yourself, the more you can then embrace the expressions of others. This world becomes a lighter and brighter and more expansive space through embracing expressions.

I work with souls on all parts of the journey. If you struggle with physical, mental, emotional, spiritual blocks/concerns, this work can support you.

If you feel you have tried “everything” and still are experiencing health challenges, feel overwhelmed or stressed or like life just isn’t quite coming together let’s have a chat!

If you have been working in alignment with your purpose and soul mission but find yourself stuck or repeating old patterns that just won’t shift… Let’s have a chat!

Let’s see how this work could be part of your journey, unlocking your potential and best expression of your life!

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