Emily Pettigrew

As a Self-Mastery Coach, it’s my passion to remind my clients that it is not about being ‘perfect’ or having your shit together all the time.

It’s about empowering your Self by bringing awareness to your Self, being real and taking responsibility for your choices, actions and reactions.

I am passionate about helping women who feel disconnected from their truth and purpose. Meeting them where they are at, I draw upon my myriad of healing modalities to transform and alchemise energies, helping you to connect deeper with yourself.

Start the journey of Self Discovery, one step at a time, and learn to Know, Like and Trust Your Self.
Learning to be a witness to your Self, together we work towards bringing awareness to your mindset, language and understanding all aspects of your Self, encouraging and empowering you to stand in your own power.

Taking it day by day, I am there to be your cheerleader as you work on your ability to control your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours in order to achieve your personal goals and lead a fulfilling life.

The journey starts when you become sick of where you are in life and feel unfulfilled, your desire for change becomes stronger, and you are ready to take action to co-create your Souls desire.

Its a beautiful road of Healing, Clearing, Empowerment, Freedom, Peace and Love.

Start Shining Your Light From the Inside.

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