Jenny Lethbridge

Jenny is a healer and wayshower, and it is her mission to energise and enlighten seekers so that they may reclaim their sovereignty and step into the highest expression of their authentic and unique self.

She is passionate about helping you navigate these challenging times by creating harmony from dis-harmony and guiding you to reclaim your power. Each session is tailored to your specific needs and involves the clearing of energy blockages and unlocking innate healing potential so that you can take the next right step.

Jenny brings a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, experience and training in a number of spiritual practices and transformational Quantum healing modalities. This allows her to bring a holistic approach to her coaching, teaching and healing work.

If you are ready for change but don’t know where to begin, or if you have tried many pathways that don’t achieve the outcome you desire, Jenny invites you to contact her for a free assessment. She would be honoured to be your partner and guide in the next stage of your journey.

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