Kim Parker

Kim is a Spiritual Healing Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Lifestyle Health & Wellbeing Coach and is passionate about helping individuals activate their innate self-healing ability, heal physically & energetically and live a deeply meaningful & aligned life.

As a Truth Seeker & Divine Translator of new information, walking down the unbeaten track on her quest to find solutions is where Kim loves to be, and she is drawn to working with individuals who are open to receiving new information & solutions.

In her career, Kim has found that clients who take ownership of their wellbeing and who are open to uncover truths & root causes of their physical & spiritual health & wellbeing concerns achieve the most significant results. Helping women with their children is also really important to Kim.

Tapping into her spiritual gifts, namely Dimensional Therapy, Reiki & High Frequency Activation, together with thirty plus years of study and research of root causes of illness, auto-immune diseases and our immune systems, nutrition, supplementation and detoxification, combined with deep personal experience, helps Kim facilitate extraordinary & sustainable transformation in her clients’ physical & spiritual health and wellbeing, and ultimately their ability to tap into their innate self-healing ability.

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