Lav Chintapalli

You are being called to bring forth your greatest essence, to live life in the fullest expression. As you strive on this path, events occur that counter your mission, and you may start to live in a way that is downgraded from what is possible.
But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Hi! My name is Lav. As a Soul-Strategy Coach & Healer, I have a passion for helping people step into their personal power and cosmic abundance.

My journey started at 8yrs old with energetic visitations. I’m trained in a multitude of modalities: Akashic Records, Yoga, Pranic Healing & Psychotherapy, Light Language, Color Therapy, Tolpakan Healing, Animal Communication, Cosmic Channeling, Consciousness Integration, and Dimensional Healing. I’m also a Leadership Coach for corporate leaders and entrepreneurs blending in my strategy and business expertise.

If you are an entrepreneur, or want to be one, and looking to grow in life wholesomely, healing yourself and growing your business, then let’s connect. My aim is to help you live a thriving life full of harmony, vitality, and prosperity, and align to your own Source connection.

To quote a recent client: “Lav, you are a truly gifted, powerful healer and holder of sacred space. I feel so hopeful for the future!”

Our time together is about YOU connecting to your wisdom, your path, your abundance, and your health; I simply foster the growth and healing. I look forward to connecting with you and stand witness to your powerful journey back to yourself.

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