Renee Davis

My life’s experiences qualify me to help people who are ready to break free from the cycles and experiences in their lives that are not serving them. To journey you back to meet your true self.

My purpose and mission are to assist with ending suffering in people. I have been intuitive my entire life and I use what has happened in my life to help others on their journeys. I incorporate my magic of reiki, intuition, channeling from the spiritual realms and holistic and life coaching skills from years of personal and professional development, spiritual ceremonies and lived experiences; to offer transformative healing sessions to bring forth calmness, clarity, releasing, spiritual awakening and to help you own your personal power because you are powerful.

I believe in a wholistic approach to healing to allow all areas of you to heal on a deepest level. I will empower you to feel safe to Be yourself, to speak your truth and to trust yourself.

I have worked with clients on being more focused and stable, healing family lineage, self-protection, breakthroughs with self-love, confidence and worth and breaking through career and money barriers.

Join me if you are ready to go to the next level in your life, to feel the fear and do it anyway and uncover your truest self and truest potential to bring forth a more harmonious, fulfilling and stable life.

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