Sally Estlin

Sally Estlin is a Holistically Fit specialist based in Melbourne. She has over 25 years experience in helping people breakthrough their barriers so they live a more aligned and purposeful life. The type of clients Sally really loves to help are those who have been doing work on themselves and are searching for something deeper to help themselves remain more stable as they navigate through the challenges of life.

When working with her clients Sally applies years of research and learnings and her services range from personal training, to hands on healing through to online coaching and remote energy work and has recently launched a conscious clothing brand.

Energy healing has become a greater focus and working with the Activator program has provided an opportunity to go “deeper, quicker” with clients to identify what’s going on at a core level and stabilise them as they are continuing on their consciously awakening journey.

The Activator program works well with sensitive souls and has profound results with those who are ready to dig deeper into their blocks and step into a greater version of their cosmic self. Clients gain deeper understanding, reduce stress, and find greater inner peace and calmness.

Sally particularly enjoys working with men and women over 40, including couples, who are searching for support as they are gain a deeper connection with their purpose in life and are seeking greater stability and alignment along this path. And all of this is done in a fun, empathetic way.

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