Much of that which you must take care of is the story lines of misconceptions and misunderstandings. These story line’s have served to support your disappointment in the not being heard or understood. When you have experienced the non honoring of another, the non understanding of responsibility of one’s behaviors, you feel the unloving (the disrespect which is an unloving expression) that hurts both the ego and spirit. This story line is but an old pathway that has kept you trapped in the lower frequency match of existence. For within this story line you are going against the truth of who you are.

The fundamental reality of your aliveness and greatnesses is clouded by these story lines. These storyline’s of ‘lessness’ must be transmuted, transitioned and dissolved if you are to make the crossing into the next inevitable dimension of reality. Story line’s must be altered and realigned if transition is going to take place. Story line’s are those concepts and paradigms that keep you contained in a certain dimension of reality. It is how your species and many like you, contain your reality and build on that lower reality through natural growth. At some point however, that growth is complete and therefore that story line must change.

There are many story line’s in your reality that have served you well, but many that no longer serve you well. We ask now that you determine which ones serve and which ones do not. As a reality check, those that no longer lift you must be changed. It is time to transcend those that no longer serve your highest state of being.

It is time to write a new story line and bring that into existence by speaking and sharing its name. For in this moment you will elevate your consciousness and awareness into the form of your true existence. This is something we have been waiting for you to embrace free from the story line of unworthyness. Something you have also been waiting for. Don’t underestimate its power to move the current collective story line. The current collective unfolding story can be shifted, is being shifted and in this we ask for your assistance. We are in truth moving the collective energy. The energy of existence in this dimension. This story line is about to shift and change into a line that has never been imagined was possible. This story line is full of fear and drastic changes that all but serve an individual story line and not the greater collective. So the new, higher level, collective story line must be activate and amplify using the three truths:

You are loved

You are worthy

Your are valued

When you step into the fullness of your story lime you will:

1. Step into your power

2. Amplify your truth

3. Activate your natural energetics

This will help you make the shift into the next dimensional reality that you have, at a soul level, been waiting for. Your scriptures shared the reality of this in the naming of heaven on earth. This will be your new reality. We are here with you as your role effects all dimensions of reality. we are vested in your growth and development and we are ready and waiting to welcome you home.

You are infinitely loved – Ameed


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