Ah the most beautiful question for all of humans to ask and like our friend Lis asked, there is as many different ways to serve as there as human spirits on the planet. Again the answer is what do you choose?

Remember that your mission here at this time is to support the conscious shift and transition. Your role is to play an awakened role in this collective mission. In this knowledge what do you choose? As we shared with Lis your task is to connect into you deeply, feel into your spirit and souls mission and follow the energy. This we have shared may times and is a process of deep feeling beyond thought or opinion or judgement. This feeling place this soul and spirit centre just is. The energy just is. It will guide you as to what to do in this and the next moment.

It is always calling to you and gently and lovingly guiding you on your path, on your mission, your task is to listen and choose. Be guided by this deeper connection as it too is connected into the everything. It knows your place and your role and it is asking you to step into this in every moment. For the many there is great fear in this stepping up.

There is great fear in trusting and choosing based on the gently and loving calling that your spirit and souls are requesting of you. We would ask that all of you drop into this space and hear your own individual calling, then choose powerfully so that your action is expressed naturally. It may not feel easy or safe however you are always being looked after and in truth you can only be safe.

There is much work we collectively need to do, some have heard the calling of the Ambassadors, some are hearing the call of Activator and some will hear the call of way showers and journey guides. These are the callings we have shared with our messenger. These are the roles that are needed in these times and you may express them in any way you see fit. These callings are to hold the grid, heal the lost, share the way and comfort all on the journey.

In essence all of these roles are of the same thing to help guide and assist those who know not how to transition, those that struggle to transition, those awakening into the shock of the truth or those lost on this the path you have all collectively chosen. How you now express this is ultimately your choice, all we ask of you is to listen to the calling and follow the energy.

Love & Light Ameed

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