In every moment of every moment you are serving. The living example of your journey is always one of service. Service to yourself, service to your family, service to your friends and service to the world. There is no time that you are not serving.

The question then becomes what way do I choose to serve? How do I choose to express my service? In this moment you have free choice to serve in the many ways that is possible. However in this moment we sense the weight of this question on your shoulders and the shoulders of the few. We understand the gravity of this question in context of the concerns you feel. Now is the time to rise up and express the highest potential of your souls calling.

Now is the time to share that wisdom. To help people to wake fully into a higher cosmic conscious state. There are things you know dear Lis. There are things that you are aware of. These are the things that need to be shared. So when you ask, how can I serve, we would ask you that all you do is express your highest potential. Share your highest truth. To be of active nature in the expression of this truth.

Now where this leads you is part of the choosing. This is an activity of the gut, the connection point into the energy field. If you follow the energy, the frequency and your gut feel it will show you the how. The how you need to show up and serve in this moment. In this, one must be careful not to hide from the calling but to have the courage to hear what the gut is asking of you and to follow it. Share this truth so that others may wake from their slumber and open their eyes. Your how is being asked of you every day.

Your guidance system is calling out to you every moment of every moment. It is important you take the time to listen, to hear and to express in thought, word and action the calling of your gut. Be free in the knowing that you are always serving, it is part of your true nature. In essence there is nothing you need to do but to follow the calling.

Love & Light Ameed

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