Oh dear one this question alone hides the truth that you seek.

The doubt of your amazingness of your innate power and truth. It is time for you to step in fully to your true nature and to let go of the doubt. To know that you are worth it. That the skills and teachings you are here to share are important at this time. To trust that these skills and teachings are worthy of payment and that these payments are worthy to be in your bank account. It is time to stop the second guessing of what you are here to do and who you are. It is time to stop playing in the unworthiness of lack.

This self sabotage that you ask of is just the self doubt of the worthiness of your gifts and of your journey. Now is the time to let go of any old stories that you have been gifted. Now is the time to let go of living without and to embrace the with. That you can live with all of the abundance of your choosing. We would ask that you meet with your guides, your masters and open up to the possibility that you can let go of the untruth of your stories, that you can let go to the untruth of your money dam.

That you can now allow the flow of abundance into your life. This abundance must first be the conviction of your path, your journey and the reason you are here in this moment now. The truth of your wisdom and teachings. In this moment it is time to step fully into this place and go share with others in abundance. Then allow the flow of money abundance through the love of this energy. Let go of the hurt that this currency has bestowed upon you be it through others actions, the untruth you see in the world or the pain you have attached to it.

Let go and allow the flow of truth to run in and through you. Welcome the abundance that is your natural right here on this planet and at the same time know that the value you place on this is not the value you seek. Allow the flow to provide you with exactly what you need so that you can share this amongst your kin. Welcome it in as you would a gift from a friend, with gratitude, pleasant surprise and excited joy.

Love & Light Ameed

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