All souls on the planet at this time have contracted to play their role in this the great awakening. The collective journey into the 5th and 6th dimension.

All have agreed to help move the planet and the quantum consciousness of the earth realm. Some are doing it with their eyes open and some with their eyes closed, but all are here to assist. There is a rainbow of soul beings that have chosen this time, yet some are not connected into the cosmic consciousness to realise what is happening. To realise that this is the time that they chose to be here and participate in this moment. Some remain closed to this reality.

There is a great shift happening right now and at the deepest level all beings know this is true. Will some not open their eyes, yes. Will some choose not to connect in and realise their part, yes. This does not mean they have contracted to ‘not wake up’ as you put it, they are just caught in the old frequency of consciousness and have been caught in the illusion of the non reality of this moment.

These souls will struggle to come to terms with the ever unfolding reality of this moment. Yet very soon there will be a collective shift where most will wake only to find the truth they held so dear is not what they thought. Then will they realise the contract they made and will make the transition rapidly. Here is where you come in. Here is where you play your part. To gently, with deep love, assist those to realise just what role they decided to play before they came in. To remember the greater collective contract of the awakening time for your planet. Right now it is important to be gentle with the many. To gentle open their eyes. Like the sight of a blind person seeing the mother for the first time there is fear, excitement and overwhelm. This too is the experience for the many as they begin to awaken on mass.

There will be great fear, the indicator of which is ignorance of not wanting to know and see the reality. Then will follow excitement firstly disguised as disbelief, then as shock and finally acceptance. Then overwhelm and regret, within this phase will people collapse, cry and console their grief for what they did not see. Here you will welcome them with open arm, open heart and open compassion. There is much work to do. Stay strong and remember why you came and what you are here to do.

Love & Light Ameed

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